The company history

SPARC, AO is one of the Russia’s oldest aviation repair companies. During many years of its history, it passed a long way from primitive workshops to a great repair company having the up-to-date equipment and highly qualified personnel which is able to carry out a project of any level.

The Civil Aviation Repair Base started its independent operation on August 15, 1931. That was the starting point in the history of the plant which transformed into the 21st Aviation Repair Plant, and then into Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company, AO.

Until 1958, the enterprise overhauled the light-weight fixed wing aircraft and their engines, constructed new LK-1 and ASK (abbreviation stands for ‘Amphibia of Northern Region’ in Russian) test aircraft, and serially produced amphibious aircraft. At the same time the company was laying the groundwork for helicopter overhaul. The following year its workshops brought back into air 48 Mi-4 helicopters designed by Moscow Mil Helicopter Design Bureau.

The work with helicopters of this model had lasted until 1985. At that period the plant workers had restored 2510 helicopters, i.e. up to 76% of the total number of the constructed Mi-4. At the same time the workers had been mastering the overhaul of the Ka-15 and Ka-18 helicopters. In 1960 they restored by one helicopter of both models.

In 1968, together with the designer – Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant – we developed the technical documentation and overhauled the first Mi-8 helicopter. Since that time, we have overhauled over 8,000 Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters and their modifications (total number of produced helicopters of this type is 15,000).

In 1993 during the privatization, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint-stock company.

Now SPARC, AO is the Russia’s leading enterprise which overhauls and upgrades the Mi-8/Mi-17, Ka-27 and Ka-32 helicopters of all modifications.

In 2007, due to increase in scope of works that were not primary for a typical aviation repair enterprise, NPO SPARC, AO were established. The main activities of NPO SPARC, AO are development and manufacture of test benches for the diagnostics of Russian-made aviation equipment and training of the flying, engineering and technical personnel in the Aviation Training Center.

Today, our company is a fast growing, dynamic and multi-purpose organization, highly active in the Russian and foreign aviation market. It is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with all partners operating Russian-made helicopters.

Most important events in our company history:

1931 foundation of the Civil Aviation Repair Base.
1958 Mastering the Mi-4 helicopters overhaul.
1960 Mastering the Ka-15 and Ka-18 helicopters overhaul.
1968 Mastering the Mi-8 helicopters overhaul.
1989 Mastering the Ka-32 helicopters overhaul.
1991 Mastering the Mi-8MTV and Mi-8AMT helicopters overhaul.
1999 Establishment of the Aviation Training Center for the flight crew and maintenance personnel training.
2002 Mastering the Ka-27 helicopters overhaul.
2006 Obtaining a certificate for design of the Mi-17 helicopters MRO facilities. The first MRO facility and Aviation Training Center supplied to a foreign Customer.
2007 Establishment of NPO SPARC, АО. SPARC, АО started a full-scale technological revamp with new generation testers and test benches. Mastering the Mi-172 helicopters overhaul.
2010 Development and implementation of the electronic technical documentation under AECMA 1000D requirements.
2014 Mastering the Mi-17V-5 helicopters overhaul.
2015 Mastering the Mi-171SH and Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters overhaul.