Top Management

Sergey Artsyman

SPARC, AO Director General

SPARC, AO is one of the largest companies in the field of Russian-made aircraft overhaul and is able to carry out a project of any level.

Our company soon celebrates its 90th anniversary. Over years since the foundation our company has gained great production experience and has become well known both in Russia and abroad. Today we are aiming to improve the quality and reduce the time frame of helicopter overhaul and maintenance.

SPARC, AO has highly qualified staff, all the required operations resources and expertise. That is why the company keeps developing and opening new perspective directions.

The key point of our company is to offer a package of services to maintain the Russian-made helicopters airworthiness fully complying with the Customer’s requirements.

Yuriy Borisov

Chairman of SPARC, AO Board of Directors

SPARC, AO is one of the oldest aviation repair companies in Russia. Our timeline is full of significant events related to the Russian aviation development and the history of our country.

Modern aviation would never be possible without the use of advanced technologies in aircraft manufacture, maintenance and overhaul. That is why our company was the first in the industry to start a full-scale upgrade of our production facilities with new-generation test benches and systems of our own design in 2007. NPO SPARC, AO specialists designed all this equipment.

NPO SPARC, AO is aimed to design and implement advanced developments in aircraft maintenance and overhaul as well as in personnel training.

Huge intellectual resources of NPO SPARC, AO and many years of helicopter overhaul at the aviation repair facilities let us generate great ideas and solutions which will result in broad applying in different industry branches.

Today SPARC, AO is the leading aviation repair company, an illustrative case of the best practice and the innovations generator. It is a fast growing, dynamic and multi-purpose organization, highly active in the Russian and foreign aviation market.

SPARC, AO and NPO SPARC, AO are always ready to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with each of our partner operating Russian-made helicopters.

Pavel Rybkin

NPO SPARC, AO Director General

In 2007 NPO SPARC, AO were separated from SPARC, AO due to the increased work-scope which was secondary for a typical aviation repair company.

NPO SPARC, AO emerged from the oldest aviation repair company SPARC and took a strong leading position in aviation training, development and manufacture of test benches for helicopter periodic maintenance.

The key point of our success is a professional team of aviation specialists such as process engineers, software engineers, electronics engineers, and practicing engineers involved in maintenance and overhaul. Many of them have degrees of Doctors and Candidates of Science.

The measure of our accomplishment is the feedback from the Russian-made helicopter operators and constantly growing number of new customers. Our priority is to satisfy all the requirements of each Customer, otherwise the list of new ones would not be so impressive. NPO SPARC, AO offers the customers to solve the full-scale issues for helicopter maintenance and overhaul as well as maintain the proficiency of aviation specialists at high level. This allows the Customer to operate their helicopters with no failures in any mission.