Gyroscopic instrument test units (UPG-8) and a rotary bracket (KP8)

Unit for checking gyro instruments (UPG-8)

The unit is designed for checking and testing gyroscopic devices and provides their longitudinal and transverse angles of inclination, rotation and swing. It can be used both autonomously with a control panel and as part of the KPK-8 control and testing complex.

The UPG-8 unit includes three main units:

  • control panel;

  • control unit;

  • rotary block.

The unit is controlled using the control panel; it sets and displays the parameters and status of the unit.

The control panel interacts with the control unit.

The control unit converts the control panel signals for the rotary unit and provides power to the unit.

The rotary unit provides positioning of the device under test using a test platform (rotating disk). The test platform changes its angular position relative to a fixed, horizontally located base.

The software installed on the control panel provides a user-friendly interface, controls the tests and displays their results.

In case of an emergency, an emergency stop button is provided on the control panel; when pressed, the test platform immediately stops moving.


The bracket is designed to create rotation angles around the longitudinal axis (yaw angle) and transverse axis (pitch angle) of the equipment under test.

The set includes:

  • bracket;

  • adapter plates by type of devices;
  • three drag screws;
  • four fixing screws with nuts.

The bracket can be used both separately and in conjunction with turntables. The device is installed in the hole of the adapter plate, to which it is fastened with screws. The plate is secured to the bracket with two clips on the inner ring.