The equipment is designed to measure the relative position of the blade tips when adjusting the main rotor in-track condition for helicopters with the number of blades from 2 to 8 by a non-contact method on the ground and in flight.

Equipment includes:​

  • chamber head unit (BGK);
  • bracket;
  • power supply unit 220/20 V;
  • simulator block;
  • set of harnesses;
  • memory card (SD card);
  • chamber head unit cover;
  • CD with the program distribution kit (bilingual interface: Russian and English);
  • set of operational documentation;
  • suitcase.

BGK is designed to generate a video signal from the tips of the helicopter main rotor blades (LNV), mathematical processing of the video signal, displaying the image of the blades and coordinates on the indicator in real time, as well as for saving the measurement results.

The bracket is designed for installing the BGK on a helicopter and orienting it to the blade cut.

The 220/20 V power supply unit is designed to convert the 220 V 5060 Hz voltage into a 20 V DC voltage and transfer this voltage to the simulator unit. The 220/20 V power supply is used only for maintenance schedule in the laboratory.

The simulator unit is used to check the operability of the product and to carry out verification and calibration (at the manufacturer’s base).

In terms of construction, the equipment is designed as a portable control system.