The KPK-9 test bench system makes auto diagnostics and controls the condition of the following electrical equipment:

  • SPO-9 single-phase static inverter
  • PO-500A single-phase inverter
  • PO-600S single-phase inverter
  • PO-750A single-phase inverter
  • PO-1500, PO-1500A single-phase inverter
  • PTS-800BM three-phase static inverter
  • PT-125Ts, PT-125Ts ser.2/ ser.3/ ser. A three-phase inverters
  • PT-200Ts three-phase inverter
  • PT-500Ts, PT-500TsB three-phase inverters
  • PT-1000TsS three-phase inverter
  • POS-WOOB single-phase static inverter
  • POS-500B inverter