The KPK-8 test bench system auto checks and measures the electrical parameters of the following helicopter instruments:

  • AGK-77-15, AGR-74-15, AGB-3K, AGB-96D, AGB-96R artificial horizons;
  • GMK-1A, GMK-1AE, GMK-1G, GMK-1GE, GMK– 1AS compass systems:
    • PU-26, PU-26E, PU-26S, PU-27, PU-27E control panels,
    • GA-6 gyro unit,
    • AS-1 synchronizer,
    • KM-8, KM-8S compensator,
    • ID-3 flux-gate detector,
    • UGR-AUK ser. 3, UGR-AU ser. 3 indicator,
    • BS-1 coupler.
  • DUS 1209E, DUS 1209G, DUS 1209K rate gyros
  • VK-53ERSh, VK-53ERB, VK-53ERV erecting cut-out switches
  • BKK-18 attitude monitor
  • SNP-1 power fail relay
  • UP-21-15 position indicator:
    • IP 21-15 indicator,
    • DS-11 sensor.
    • EUP-53 electrical turn indicator
  • UShV-1 rotor pitch indicator:
    • UShV-1 indicator,
    • UZP sensor.
  • BSPK-1 limit bank warning unit
  • AGR-29R-S-15 artificial horizon
  • UKT-AR bank and pitch indicator
  • ZK-12 heading selector
  • MGV-1SU small-size vertical gyro
  • AGR-81, AGR-81K, AGR-81 M artificial horizon
  • RMI-2 radiomagnetic indicator
  • INP-RD-1 horizontal situation indicator
  • AGK-83 (AG-83) artificial horizon
  • PKP-77M flight director indicator
  • PNP-72-12 (PNP-72-6M) horizontal situation indicator
  • IP21-08 indicator with DS-11 sensor
  • AGR-7AV-10 artificial horizon
  • VK-90M roll erection torque liquid level- 1186B signal distributer

UPG-8, a device for calibration and testing of gyro instruments, and KP-8, a rotary bracket, the components of the test bench, may be used as independent instruments of control and measurement.


The device checks and tests gyro instruments through providing of longitudinal and lateral tilts, rotating and swinging. Can be employed separately, with its own control panel, or as a part of the KPK-8 test bench.


The bracket makes turning angles about the longitudinal axis (bank angle) and about the lateral axis (pitch angle) for the equipment to be tested.