The KPK-4M, an automated test bench system, allows on-board schedule maintenance (for Mi17, Mi171, Mi172, Mi8, Mi8MTV, Mi8MT, Miи8AMT) of the following components from the AP-34B autopilot ser.2:

  • 6C2.390.007-3 control panel item,
  • 6C2.399.000 control unit item,
  • 6C2.553.002 bank and pitch force-balance transducers item,
  • 1209K yaw rate gyro sensor item,
  • 1209G roll rate gyro sensor item,
  • 1209E pitch rate gyro sensor item,
  • 1479V amplifiers unit item,
  • IN-4TU 1232trim indicator item,
  • KV11 altitude corrector item.