The KPK-12 test bench system auto checks and measures the electrical parameters of the following components from the computer system employed by the Il-76 airplane:

управляющий вычислительный комплекс КП1Д-76 в составе:/p>

  • GNOM-A (TsVM) digital computer,
  • KP1-20 electromechanical block,
  • KP1-20b electromechanical block,
  • KP1-801 power unit,
  • KP1-45A input/output device,
  • KP1-8a power unit,
  • KP1 -7b amplifier unit of the short-range radio navigation system channel,
  • KP1-4b (2 pcs.) pilot’s indicator,
  • KP1-10b control panel,
  • KP1-10M indicator display control unit,
  • KP1-17b junction box,
  • KP1-17v junction box.

Components of the KP7 subsystem:

  • KP7-801 power unit,
  • KP7-14 parameters decoder,
  • KP7-14a commands distributor,
  • KP7-17 (5 pcs.) switch gear,
  • KP7-25 transducer,

    KP7-46 stimulus signals block,
  • KP7-34 strut.