Test bench systems (KPK)

Test bench systems (KPK) are automated systems for check and measurement of the electrical parameters of the aircraft on-board electrical, radio and instrument equipment of aircraft that can make a part of laboratory equipment of maintenance depots of the airline companies and/or maintenance squadrons of the state aviation.

KPK are used in diagnostics of aircraft and radio-electronic equipment of the following helicopters: Mi-8, Mi-8T, Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTV, Mi-8AMT, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-17, Mi-17N, Mi-17-1V, Mi-17V-5, Mi-171, Mi-171Sh, Mi-172, Mi-24, Mi-35M, Mi-26, Mi-28N, Ka-52, Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31R, Ka-226 and airplanes Il-76 (M, MD).

The systems form output testing signals (voltages, frequencies, currents, pressures etc.) to imitate the operation of the testing equipment used by manufacturing companies and mentioned in the aircraft documentation (Maintenance Manual etc.) and measure output signals with measurement equipment integrated into the systems.

The user interface allows:

  • built-in testing of the system;
  • entering the certificate data of the equipment tested;
  • selecting manual or auto mode of checking;
  • visual presenting of the parameters measured, with informing the operator when electrical parameters of the equipment tested go out of range;
  • providing the operator with the list of possible defects according to the indication of defect, as well as editing and adding new indications and defects;
  • printing-out the results of testing in the standard table format;
  • saving the results of testing in the database;
  • performing regular certifications of test systems.

The hardware component measures electrical parameters of the equipment tested and generates control actions required in the equipment test process.

The operator may adjust and set the aircraft equipment as prescribed by the Operation Manual.

All systems increase the working efficiency and reduce the influence of the human factor to the process and test results. An important advantage is saving of results and information related to the equipment, as well as the option of the fast search of the details required.

The systems are powered from an industrial single-phase AC circuit of 220V and 50Hz.

Sources of power dedicated for certain equipment are included in the hardware.

Connecting bundles (cables, sleeves) avoid the possibility of incorrect connection of the equipment tested and the test bench.

The standard delivery set of NPO SPARC, AO-made GTE includes nine (9) ready-to-work stations for full-scale checking of helicopter avionics, as prescribed by the Maintenance Schedule. Simultaneous operations performed at nine work places gives an important reduce of time required for the helicopter maintenance.


KPK general view:

  • control module
  • work table
  • auxiliary module

The KPK control module has front and rear doors that provide easy access to electrical wiring and components of the test bench system.

The printer prints out the results of the equipment checks.

One work place weights approximately 270 kg.

Construction of all the systems includes several modules. Components of the set form an operator’s work place.

KPK set includes:

  • a table for the equipment to be tested;
  • a control module, measuring and computing complex (MCC), that encases industrial computers, power sources, measuring cards, control signal cards;
  • measuring cards;
  • operator’s sensor monitor integrated in the optical panel to vary its angles of turn and tilt;
  • a keyboard;
  • a mouse;
  • an auxiliary module for storing of documentation, connecting cables, tools and spare parts;
  • cables for connection of equipment.